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Blend-Exchange Privacy Policy

This policy is effective May 25th.

In this document Blend-Exchange ("we","us") refers to the operators of this website ("the Blend-Exchange service","the service"). You ("the user","user") refers to any user of the Blend-Exchange service. Content providers refers to services that provide data either as loadable resources (including but not limited to fonts, javascript files and images) or technical services (including bot not limited file storage services).

Data Sharing

We may share the data we collect (as defined by the section on Data Collection) in various ways, including the following: For more specifics on which type of data gets shared with which 3rd parties and how it is shared, see below.

Data Collection

Blend-Exchange collects and processes the following data:

Technical Data

"Technical Data" is data that your device sends our servers or provides to our web page. This includes: Blend-Exchange keeps this data in order to better protect, maintain, and develop the Blend-Exchange service. Technical Data may be linked to user accounts or any other kind of collected data. In addition, Technical Data may be associated with other user data including accounts and uploaded blend files. Technical Data is stored in log files, sometimes in hashed form for security reasons. In addition, Technical Data will be sent to the following 3rd party content providers:

Shared/Uploaded Data

This includes all data provided when a blend file is uploaded. This includes: All of the listed data is available publicly for download. Once data has been shared, you cannot revoke permission for Blend-Exchange to pubish and share this data. Blend-Exchange no longer possess control over data once it has been made public. Blend files are stored using Google Drive. See their privacy polices for more details (

Account Data

User account data is all the data provided when creating an account. This includes:

Referring URL

Blend-Exchange uses the referring URL if provided to detect abuse of its services. Referring URLs are stored indefinitely and linked to a hashed version of the IP address that visited that page. They are compared to the provided question URLs for blends to detect if the links to blends are being shared outside blender.stackexchange (a possible sign of abuse).

Use of Cookies

Blend-Exchange uses cookies (small bits of data placed on your device) to check if users are logged into accounts. They are not used for any other kind of tracking. If you do not wish to be tracked with cookies created by Blend-Exchange (not including 3rd party cookies), disable cookies in your browser for this site or logout. Blend-Exchange's content providers may use cookies for their own purposes, as described by their respective privacy polices. The following third parties have the ability to create and read cookies on your device if your device permits:

Logged Actions

Certain User Actions (A specific web request or set of web requests that triggers a specfic action) are recorded in conjunction with linked techincal data. The following user actions are recorded: These User Actions are not shared publicly and are used for the security, development, and maintenance of Blend-Exchange.

Public Actions

In addition to logged User Actions, the following User Action are recorded and information about them is made public in order to enable certain features of the service: These actions require users to opt-in by performing an action and/or visiting a page.

Data Use

The data Blend-Exchange collects is used to provide the Blend-Exchange service. Specifically, it is used to:

Data Storage

All data collected by Blend-Exchange is stored within the United States using the methods described in the previous section.

Controlling Your Data

Accessing Data Held by Blend-Exchange

The user profile includes links to the binary files uploaded. They can be downloaded from there in the original format in which they were uploaded. The provided password cannot be retrieved in any form due to security concerns. Other account details can be obtained in plain text from the user profile page. Please contact Blend-Exchange if assistance is needed.

Removal of Data Held by Blend-Exchange

If you need your data removed, please make contact. Blend-exchange will attempt to remove your data when the operator can allocate the sufficient time without undue inconvenience. Blend-Exchange may refuse to remove certain data if it is not legally obliged to remove that data.

Correction of Data Held by Blend-Exchange

To correct any personal data held by Blend-Exchange, please make contact. Your username, email and password can all be updated from your user account page.

Blend-Exchange can be contacted via the following email address: [email protected]