DemonstrationSteps to upload a .blend

Upload a file

  1. Drop a file
  2. Enter the url of the question on blender.stackexchange
  3. Copy embed code into post
If you need a More Detailed .Gif, click here.

How do I edit or delete my .blend

If you entered a password when uploading, you can use it to do this. However this feature has not been implemented yet.

I clicked on the upload box nothing happend!

That is a known issue... I'm working to fix it

I clicked upload and it said invalid question

You need to copy and paste the URL from the question into the text area. Be sure to get the full url with the http and everything. We do this to make it easier to check for abuse.

The embed is not displaying properly

Copy the code straight into your post, don't try to wrap it in a link, image or any other markup. If it doesn't display properly in the preview, try backspacing then retyping a character to get stack exchange to update the preview.

My blend was taken down due to copyright, now what

You can contact me, see below

If you need help, contact me:

[email protected] - It may take a few days for a response. If you don't want to use email, you can report a bug by opening a GitHub issue.